Lady Cam - The Wilderness Album Preview

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 Lady Cam is about to release "The Wilderness" Album. 19 track album you can play from start to finish. Tracks like "Bald Head" which celebrates women who are bald head or have short hair, "Da Wave" which gets you dancing on the dance floor, and "Easy Hard" is a song that represents a nice old school feel to the hip hop genre that we miss from female mcs. The R&B sounding song "Heaven" is a more reflective track about wanting to go to heaven, but the trials that we face on earth, "I believe in you" is a track we all need to motivate us to keep going and, "Black Sheep" is a record fav of mine that speaks on all the black sheeps across the world. The more reflective songs like "Temptation" and "50k" speaks on fighting temptation in life while 50k talks about the power of money and how it corrupts people. The self-titled song called "The Wilderness" (Good Time) gives you a Bruno Mars feel. The whole album takes you on a joy ride of being in the wilderness. You have up beat, R&B sounds, Trap/Crunk to reflective motivational inspirational music. This album gives you what we've been missing from a female mc. You can pre-order the album below.

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