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Like many successful artists, American star Camille Blouin had a natural affinity with music from a young age. Originally from Dallas Texas, Camille moved to Baton Rouge Louisiana when she was a child. 

Camille Blouin aka 'Lady Cam' fell in love with music because it was a way of naturally expressing and uplifting herself. When She was in school she experienced being picked on and bullied. These negative experiences didn't hold the future 'Lady Cam' back as she quickly became a school star when she performed in local talent shows; quickly gaining popularity as a talented singer.

The young singer knew this was something she was going to do for the rest of her life by the time she was only eleven years of age. Camille was raised by her mother, who encouraged her to keep developing her obvious talent. It was eventually her mother who helped her launch a successful rap career. Fueled by the notoriety she quickly gained; she kept recording song after song, recording over 100 songs on her own.

With the skills she has now picked up with her formal training and experience, she is quickly becoming one of the most sought after female rappers in her town. Her mission is now to become a household name around the world, and to be one of the few female rappers to hit the top of the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Lady Cam has made a name for herself amongst other successful artists and peers including Cube base Le and Se and Fruity Loops, all of whom she has worked with.

Her technical skills have developed impressively over the years and Lady Cam has worked with Music Generator 1, 2 and 3, Ejay Club World, Nuendos 2 and MAGIX music maker. When it comes to video production, Lady Cam can record, edit, transfer to DVD and work through all final cuts herself.

With over twelve years of writing and rapping experience, many other artists will call upon Lady Cams talents. She writes, records and produces her own tracks in her own studio; but can also provide all of these services to others. Lady Cam frequently ghostwrites for others and has directed a television show 'Through the eyes of a promoter'. This was a reality tv show. An internship with Freedom nightlife was a challenging but rewarding experience.

With this kind of talent the sky is the limit for Lady Cam. She has been published in both online and print magazines such as,, Hot, VLAD, On Wax, Street Report and Barrio Magazine. She has appeared on the cover of Hood Critic and others. Lady Cam has opened for acts such as Juvie from Cash Money, Shawnna from DTP, Webbie, Cupied, Lil Flip, Lil Cali and Foxx to name a few.

She has also been on tv shows aired in Atlanta and Louisiana on the Comcast and Cox cable networks. Lady Cam has featured in movies such as "The Pawn Shop Chronicles" with Brent Fraiser and Paul Walker, "The Butler" With Forest Whitaker and on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show', to name a few.

Lady Cam has taken part in her fair share of music videos including the Red Hot Chilli peppers music video called "Brendons Death song" that was shot in New Orleans.

Lady Cam won the "Best Female rapper" award at the On the Grind Magazine awards which took place in Florida. She has taken part in 30-40 city national music tours and regional tours which includes places like Las Vegas, Miami, St. Louis, Houston, Austin, Wilmington, Louisville KY, Atlanta, Columbus, Milwaukee, New Mexico, Chicago, Bloomington, Little Rock, New Orleans, Jackson Mississippi to name a few; with exciting opportunities for future dates overseas.

The sky is the limit for this Inspirational, energetic rapper. To add to her accolades, Lady Cam has been compared to artists such as Missy Eilliot, Mc Lyte, Out-cast and Lauryn Hill.
The music industry looks forward to whatever comes next for Lady Cam on her exciting professional musical journey!

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